Another Backbone Provider

Cogent was added as another primary backbone provider.  This also gave us geographical redundancy as one backbone provider comes from the east and this one from the west.

Upgraded Fiber Ring

One of the two fiber rings that feed the data center was upgraded to a 100GB Ring to allow additional bandwidth needed for growth.

Open for Business

The data center opened their doors for business officially in 2019.

Data Center Construction

Led by Schneider Electric, construction began on the data center in the East Industrial Park of Jesup, IA.  Construction completed in 2019.


The company rebranded as Heartland Technology including a new logo.

Fiber to the Home

The company started a $12M investment to provide fiber to all 2000+ locations in their exchange.

New Internet Provider

The company switched to Iowa Network Services (Aureon) as their internet backbone provider.

Fiber Ring

A fiber ring was implemented to provide better service for our rural customers.


The company reorganized as a cooperative.  All customers became equally valued shareholders.